Zigarettenetuis - versch. Varianten schwarz


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Art.Nr. Zigarettenetui-black

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  • Farbe: schwarz

Zigarettenetuis - versch. Varianten schwarz

Coole Zigarettenetuis als Geschenk, Fashionstatement oder Deko in der Wohnung.

KARO: Schachbrettmuster für 20 Zigaretten.
Art Deco Checker Board Cigarette Case For king sized cigarettes. This cigarette case has been designed after the famous mosaic art work and art deco style of the under ground NY Transit system. Decorated with Art Deco Style Black and White Checker Board Tiles this cigarette case is sleek, powerful and classic. The Art Deco Checker Board Cigarette Case holds up to 20 cigarettes, 10 on each side, and fits regular king sized cigarettes Only. This case keeps your cigarettes fresh and protected while in your pocket or bag. The case also features one touch opening latch, and two spring loaded swing arms keeps your smokes in place. This case is also perfect for use as a hard pack wallet or business card holder.
The case measures 3 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 3/4".

Skull: 16 Zigaretten. Deluxe Stone Cigarette Case With Skulls (For King's & 100's). Our collection of deluxe rhinestone skull design cigarette cases feature sleek chrome finish and brilliant rhinestone skull patterns embedded in to the front of the case. Available in assorted colors, these cases are a classy way to carry your cigarettes while keeping them fresh and protected. Each Deluxe Rhinestone Skull Cigarette Case will hold up to 16 of your favorite regular king or 100's sized cigarettes. Case measures 4" x 2 3/4" x 3/4".

schwarz: "BLACK ICE" Finish für 11 Zigaretten.
The Black Ice Cigarette Case is the "stud" of our cigarette case collection. This compact yet rugged case sports a beautiful "black ice" finish that makes this case sophisticated yet cool. The black ice finish can not be given proper justice in a photograph and needs to be seen to believe. Black ice is a rich gunmetal styles chrome that is satin brushed for an unrivaled effect that is instantly desirable. this single sided compact cigarette case holds 11 of your favorite king or 100 sized cigarettes.
This case measures 3" x 4" x 3/8" Inch