Fedora Hüte - versch. Varianten


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Fedora Hüte - versch. Varianten

Klassisches Fedora Hüte in 3 geilen Designs, hergestellt aus verschiedenen Materialien und in einer angenehm grossen Grösse.

KARO: Onesize, leichtes Material.
Classic Checkered Fedora (Black/Grey). The fedora hat is creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides. Similar hats with a C-crown (with an indentation for the head in the top of the crown) are occasionally called fedoras. The term fedora was in use as early as 1891. Beginning in the 20th century, the fedora came into use as an upper-class clothing accessory. Hats that resemble the soft felt version are often called fedoras even if they are made of straw or twill. This Fedora hat is made of a black and grey light weight material. Perfect for a night out on the town! One size fits all.

GRAU: 30% Wolle, 40% Viskose, 30% Acryl; 23 1/2 Inch.
This Fedora hat is made of 30% Wool, 40%Viscose 30% Acrylic. Perfect for a night out on the town! Hat fits up to a 23 1/2" Head.

WEISS: mit Nadelstreifen "Godfather Style" Baumwoll/ Polyester Mix, onesize.

BRAUN: mit Nadelstreifen. Dick gewebte Polyestermischung. Fester, hochwertigwirkender Hut in der Männerkopfgrösse S/M.

KLASSIK: Grösse in Inch etwa 23 1/2"
Fest gewebte Acrylphaser, fühlt sich dick und angenehm an.

Schwarz: Leichter Fedora - Stroh- Hut aus Acrylphasern gewebt.